Countries - Products and Dossiers

International Business

In the international markets, we operate through two models –

  • Our Own Brands
  • Products & CMO work

Below is a snapshot of our product and service offerings across different parts of the world.

  • USA

Windlas Healthcare is focused primarily on developed markets, and USA is the highest priority market. We have already secured US FDA approval in 2014 we were audited again in 2016. We have already filed 4 ANDAs in USA in 2014 and aim to file 5-7 ANDAs each year.

Our focus for US is defined by working on highly differentiated, difficult to manufacture niche products.

Besides that, we also seek CMO projects for US and other regulated markets.

  • Australia
  • Rest of the World (RoW)

Our parent company, Windlas Biotech Ltd., focusses on smaller emerging markets and Windlas Healthcare supplies to regulated and semi-regulated markets among RoW. We are already present in many Asian markets like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. We are also going to expand to Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesian markets in the near future.

We are also present in a few African markets like Nigeria and Francophone and will soon expand to more countries in the region.

We have already filed our first dossier in South Africa and will soon be audited by MCC.

First Time US Generics
Mili Healthcare
MEGA Lifesciences
Vietnam, Myanmar